Day 10

Hello frans 🙂 Today, my sister and uncle began training for SL Relay for Life (which starts on July 19th).

Imagedon’t we look sporty n’ athletic ‘n stuff?

We jogged all around our neighborhood (I was tired the minute we left the driveway) and uncle promised we would get ice cream when we finished!

Snapshot_002Trying to keep up. -.-

It’s months away, but I’m really excited to participate in SL Relay for Life. I will continue to practice in order to keep up with everyone else when the real thing comes around.

xoxo – Tatiana



  • Hoodie – Vicarious Youth – Moustache Hoodie – TD mm – Vicarious Youth
  • Shorts – **Cute Bytes** BabyShorts – SAILORBLACK – Cute Bytes
  • Shoes – [RI] Beary Cute Sneaks (Orange-Panda) Rare – Previous Heritage Gacha item.

Day 3

So today was my first day of preschool! Exciting, right? I had been waiting for this day to come and it finally came and it was everything I expected it to be and more.


My dad ended up taking me and when we got there, I met my teacher. Her name is Ms. Hannah and she’s very nice. I put my backpack and lunchbox in a cubby and sat down as more kids were coming in.


First thing we did was sit in a circle and introduce ourselves. And then Ms. Hannah told us about herself too!


Then we talked about things that start with the letter A. There was a girl in class named Allison, so I said that one. :p


After learning, we scarfed down some lunch. I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and some cookies. After lunch, we played a little bit before it was time to go home. My parents and sister came to pick me up but when we went outside, my dads car wasn’t there anymore D: Despite that, I still had a great day. Preschool is amazing and I can’t wait to go back! Image

Time to go and work on my homework. Til next time, friends!




  • [SC] Say Cheese! ~Toddleedoo Pose Pack 2 – Say Cheese!
  • My AO.

Day 1

..Or, rather, Night 1. I kick off the start of my very first blog ever as I’m winding down from my eventful day. My bedtime attire of choice are the ever so chic footy pajamas. I love, love, love footy pjs! Just the right amount of warmth for the up and coming winter months. The ones that I’m wearing in particular are from Vicarious Youth and come in Baby/Regular Kid options. Image

So for now, I bid you goodnight. Sleep tight–I know I will. 🙂


xoxo – Tatiana

SCENE: My bedroom