Day 27


  • Hat – .Enfant Terrible. Bowler Hat – Enfant Terrible (The Arcade)
  • Phone – [RI] Prince Panda Phone – Razzberry Inc (Woodland treasures)
  • Earrings – Bokeh – Animal Earrings ‘Giant Panda’ – Bokeh
  • Top – Little Closet – Cardi Combo – Grayscale Pack – Little Closet
  • Skirt – [SKL] TD BABY Maroon Plaid Layered Mini Skirt MESH – Soken Kids TD
  • Shoes – Part of {s.o} boys joggers // red navy – s.o cute

Day 25

Hiya frans! If you’re into AO typers (objects you wear that change how you type, play music, etc..) then I wanted to let you know Tic Tot Toe is releasing their animated guitar typers for Wacky Wednesday tomorrow~


Two guitars are included and each plays a different melody. You have 6 colors to pick from and they’re only 65L (for now). Check them out here: Tic Tot Toe.

xoxo – Tatiana



  • Coat/Turtleneck – [SKTD] TD BABY Adam Winter Jacket Turtleneck – Soken Kids TD
  • Hat – *~*HopScotch*~* Consulting Detective Hat – HopScotch
  • Skirt – {C*K} Pleated Skirt Separates Charcol *BABY ONLY* – Candii Kitten
  • Striped socks – [ bailygirl ] kitty socks – grey stripes – Bailygirl (no longer available)
  • Tubesocks/Boots – {s.o} Combat // brown (included with the jumper outfits @ s.o. cute) – s.o cute