Day 40

On me:

  • Hair – Vanity Hair: Pajama Party-Dark Browns – Vanity Hair
  • Top – jk: Winter Coat – White – BABY – Just Kidding
  • Shorts – **Cute Bytes** BabyShorts – BABY – Cute Bytes
  • Socks – Turducken ToddleeDoo – Thigh High Socks – Brown – Turducken
  • Shoes – Little Closet – Cream Moccasin Boot  – Little Closet
  • Sunglasses – * S O R G O – ISSA / Black (SG) – S O R G O

Limousine is from Pro Street
Paparazzi is from Rowne (Arcade 2015)

Photos taken @ Honeybriar


Day 39

Snapshot_528-001 Snapshot_530


  • Hair – [LOVE SOUL] Hair*151*Bitter Brown – Love Soul
  • Top – ~Dream. Laced Sweater Vanilla {B} – Dream (currently closed)
  • Skirt – -tb- Frou Frou Skirt – White – Tres Blah
  • Leggings – *Baby Pie* Juliana Tights (part of Juliana outfit) – Baby Pie
  • Shoes – {LBM} Sirena Saddle Shoe- Right (part of Sirena outfit) – Little Big Me
  • Holding Bear – **Cute Bytes** Balentino – Cute Bytes


  • Bed – {anc} Aurorabed – {anc}
  • Plank rug – {anc} friedwildberry. ”longrugpath/straight” fog / – {anc}
  • Letter blocks – [ JIFFY ] Old Alphabet Blocks – JIFFY
  • Bunny Bear – <:*BoOgErS*:> Pink Bunneh Bear – Boogers
  • Mobile – Oh la la! :: Bunny Mobile :: – Oh la la!
  • Heart decoration – A.D.D. Andel! Heart Pallet-Chipped- A.D.D Andel (Collabor88 Feb)
  • Rocking chair – *ionic* acuname – Ionic
  • Floor toy – MadPea – MadPea Singers Piano – By Arduenn Schwartzman
  • Doll under bed – GD: Kokeshi Tales – Princess of Honesty – By Zoe Duvall
  • Small stack of books – AF Reading Pile – Apple Fall
  • Scattered pile of books – floorplan. book clutter – Floorplan.
  • White Chair – 6. Apple Fall Shauna’s Chair – Apple Fall (Gacha)
  • Bunny lamp – *bbqq*-silhouette lamp-Rabbit – bbqq
  • Hanging frame – [][] bh [][] – vintage little girls sign – Blueberry Hill 
  • Pink Cloud decoration – Alouette – Cloud Wall Decor – Alouette

Day 32

Hi frans! I’m sure you’ve heard already that a new round of {All the Little Things} started on April 1st.. and if you haven’t heard..then a new round of {All the Little Things} has started on April 1st! 😀 This round will continue on until the end of the month so you have plenty of time to head over and get some shopping done. This round is a particularly big one if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones. Personally, I’m drawn to Daenerys so I picked up two outfits related to her–The first outfit is from Oh My Sparkles! and the second outfit is from That’s so {Kyoot}.


There are also quite a few gachas available to play this time around. The red music box is from Tic Tot Toe (I got a rare on the first try!  hollahollaholla) and the bookshelf behind me in the first photo is from Babysteps. There is plenty more where this came from so go and check it out! You have until the 27th.. have fun!!

xoxo – Tatiana

Photo #1:

Pose:  Ella Poses – GlamRus

Photo #2:

  • Throne – Turducken ToddleeDoo – Prince Stuff – Throne (Light) – Turducken
  • Outfit – That’s So {Kyoot} – I’m A Khaleesi – That’s so Kyoot (All the Little Things)
  • Music Box – [TTT] Lannister Music Box RARE – Tic Tot Toe (All the Little Things)

Day 31

Hi frans! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve gone on vacation with my mommy and brother and sister and other brother and some of my aunties and one of my uncles and some of my littler cousins. We have a whole island to ourself and it’s absolutely beautiful. We’ll be here for a week, so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and include little details of our time here. I will say that the journey to get here wasn’t easy. All of us piled into a bus to get to the airport and within five minutes, we were pulled over (I’m not exactly sure why.)

I’m also not sure why our bus is black, but anyway… as soon as the cop went back to his car to run the plates through the system, my uncle drove off (which I think is illegal). Needless to say, we will all probably get arrested when we get back to town. My uncle also ended up losing control of the bus, so it flipped. We had to leave it behind and run to the airport on foot. Despite all of that, we made it to our destination: the beautiful Brampton Island.


This is a photo of the cabin we’re staying in. Isn’t it beautiful? There will be more photos to come but we have just arrived and I haven’t had a look at the rest of the island yet, so I’m going to go unpack and then explore.

Til next time, frans!

xoxo – Tatiana

Day 25

Hiya frans! If you’re into AO typers (objects you wear that change how you type, play music, etc..) then I wanted to let you know Tic Tot Toe is releasing their animated guitar typers for Wacky Wednesday tomorrow~


Two guitars are included and each plays a different melody. You have 6 colors to pick from and they’re only 65L (for now). Check them out here: Tic Tot Toe.

xoxo – Tatiana



  • Coat/Turtleneck – [SKTD] TD BABY Adam Winter Jacket Turtleneck – Soken Kids TD
  • Hat – *~*HopScotch*~* Consulting Detective Hat – HopScotch
  • Skirt – {C*K} Pleated Skirt Separates Charcol *BABY ONLY* – Candii Kitten
  • Striped socks – [ bailygirl ] kitty socks – grey stripes – Bailygirl (no longer available)
  • Tubesocks/Boots – {s.o} Combat // brown (included with the jumper outfits @ s.o. cute) – s.o cute

Day 22

Hey frans! I decided to try something different today and participate in one of those blogger meme challenge things (I’m not sure exactly what they’re called). I won’t make a habit of doing it all the time, but this one really caught my attention and I knew I wanted to do it right away since it’s about family. Oh, and I got it from the Okkbye blog. Okay, so lets begin:

1. What is your SL family surname?
My moms maiden name is Rockwell but.. I go dads name, which is Sharpe… -shifty eyes-

2. What is the make-up of your family? (Parents, kids, siblings etc)
I have a mother, an older brother, an older sister..a younger brother (who has been missing for like.. a month now), several aunts and a couple uncles, a couple cousins.. oh, somehow I have 4 grandmothers (I think two are great grandmothers, but it gets confusing sometimes.) and a grandfather and I had a great grandfather, but I think they sent him away..somewhere. Oh, and I have a puppy.. and my sister has a cat…and other random pets she brings home sometimes.

3. How long have you been in the SL family community?
Since November.

4. When did you first hear about the SL family community and what was your view on it before you were in it?
I’ve been on SL for about 6 years now, off and on, and I only found out about the family community maybe..2 years ago? I saw a younger avi and was like “wat. y u so little for”. I had no interest in being part of it at the time, though. I actually became really bored with SL near the end of 2008 and stopped logging on. From that point on, I would randomly log in and be active for a week or two and then leave again for months at a time. One day, during a return from one of my random hiatuses, I was like “Being an adult is lame, lemme try being a kid” So..I made myself little and now here I am. 😀 Best decision evar.


5. How did you join your (first) SL family?
I signed up for foster care and my mother happened to be the director of foster care at the time, and she asked me if I wanted to stay with her temporarily and I was like “duh”. So I stayed with her and her family and I refused to leave so they kept me.

6. Do you have a kid avatar?

7. Do you have an adult avatar?
Not anymore, now that I’ve transformed~

8. When did you first decide to make a child avatar?
When I returned in November. I literally logged in and was like “..I wanna be little.” And then I went shopping and spent hours adjusting my shape and buying clothing and hair and stuff. :3

9. Why do you play a child avatar?
I like being able to act innocent and playful and being able to run around and act a fool without getting in trouble for it (or letting my siblings take the blame :D) I like being the youngest and having older siblings to idolize and follow around. I like being carried and given food and snacks to eat. I like..I like everything haha.

10. What do you like about being a parent in SL?
I’m not a parent.

Image11. Do you do family roleplay? If so, what kind of roleplay? Paragraphs, emoting – or just “acting like”?
My family just acts like family. We do a little emoting here and there, but we act like family by default.

12. Do you have any special family-related activities? (Dinners, camp etc.)
I live on a family sim so we do whatever is happening on the sim at the time, sometimes we do dinner/lunch too.

13. What is the thing you love most about your SL family?
I love how easy it is for all of us to be together and how everyone gets together on skype for hours, chatting and laughing at each other. I love the random moments ( when the grandparents show up to wreck havoc, the alien pregnancy[don’t ask], hiding from the mafia) and wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

xoxo – Tatiana