Day 18

For those of you looking to be a part of a fun and recreational activity, I present to you..Image

Little Sluggers baseball league! After completing a very successful first season in January, Little Sluggers will be back for a second season this May. Player sign ups have already begun and guess what? I’m going to play! I’m super excited and have been wanting to play since November, but it was already too far into the season to accept new players. I really wanted to write about Little Sluggers since it is something I’m excited to be part of.  I also wanted to bring the league to the attention of those of you who weren’t aware it existed.

ImageLittle Sluggers was founded in 2013 by Owner and League administrator, Jacob Taylor, as a way to provide a fun activity for the children of SL. When asked about his decision to start the league, he had this to say:

      “I love baseball. I love sports in SL. I tried an adult version, but there was far too much drama that would be associated with it. I also love my family, and so the natural connection came of kids and baseball. There are little to no kids sports leagues, and I felt that it would be a great opportunity to give back to kids who give so much joy (and yes, sometimes aggravation, but all out of love) in their parent’s lives.”


The league is open to kids between the ages of 2-15. As I’ve said before, sign ups have already begun and although the season doesn’t begin until sometime in May, Spring training will be starting up soon. If you’re new to baseball, or even just want to brush up on your skills, attending spring training would be beneficial so I encourage those of you that are interested to sign up soon. The league is also looking for more umpires, so if you know any adults that would be interested, send them over to the field to sign up as well!

ImageI hope that in reading this post you have been inspired to go and sign up–I think it’s worth it and, personally, I can’t wait to play. Applications are available at the park (linked below). Hopefully I see you out on the field! Til next time, frans..

xoxo – Tatiana


Photos taken @ Little Sluggers United Park  (player, umpire and coach applications here)

Special thanks to Jacob Taylor for answering all of my questions!