Day 4

I didn’t really have anything special planned for today, but I ended up being invited to a concert so I ended up going to that. Image

And guess whose concert it was….?

ImageBRITNEY JEAN SPEARS, YA’LL. Omg, I was so excited.. it ended up being a really short show, but it was great! And I did end up getting to meet her.. I also got an autograph!Image

I think I’m gunna start collecting famous people’s autographs. Then I’m going to put them on display in my room. Ahem, anyway, right before that whole encounter, I was doing a little exploration of a sim called Pangloss located on Banana island. The whole place is right up my alley–strange creatures floating about, vibrant colors.. I knew as soon as I landed there that I would enjoy exploring. ImageUpon arrival, I was greeted by this giant flying whale. I wasn’t really able to communicate with him so I don’t know his name or his story. I’ll just call him Mr. Whale. ImageI also saw these turtles. It looked like they were trying to fly but were rooted to the ground.. kinda made me sad a lil bit. 😦

ImageAfter walking around the sim a bit more, I came across this boat. I wanted to get in it but I still can’t swim so I figured I would admire it from afar.

ImageI came across these books with their pages floating away in the wind. I was gunna try and catch them, but I didn’t wanna get a paper cut. At least it made for a pretty picture. I should probably head back home now before my parents get worried. Til next time, friends!

xoxo – Tatiana




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Photos taken @ Banana Island