Day 31

Hi frans! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve gone on vacation with my mommy and brother and sister and other brother and some of my aunties and one of my uncles and some of my littler cousins. We have a whole island to ourself and it’s absolutely beautiful. We’ll be here for a week, so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and include little details of our time here. I will say that the journey to get here wasn’t easy. All of us piled into a bus to get to the airport and within five minutes, we were pulled over (I’m not exactly sure why.)

I’m also not sure why our bus is black, but anyway… as soon as the cop went back to his car to run the plates through the system, my uncle drove off (which I think is illegal). Needless to say, we will all probably get arrested when we get back to town. My uncle also ended up losing control of the bus, so it flipped. We had to leave it behind and run to the airport on foot. Despite all of that, we made it to our destination: the beautiful Brampton Island.


This is a photo of the cabin we’re staying in. Isn’t it beautiful? There will be more photos to come but we have just arrived and I haven’t had a look at the rest of the island yet, so I’m going to go unpack and then explore.

Til next time, frans!

xoxo – Tatiana


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