Day 14

There’s a new store on the grid that you should be keeping an eye out for called Bailygirl. Super cute clothes for reasonable prices–just the way I like it. Not only do they offer clothes (full outfits, leggings, socks and shoes) but also shapes as well. ImageI’m not a leggings/pants kind of girl (I own a lot of dresses and long shirts.. or will wear skirts and shorts if I really have to haha) but the design on these leggings have won me over. If I could find more that looked like these, I would probably wear leggings more often. Overall, I’m just really in love with this outfit and hope to see more like this!Image

(Had to pair it with the sunglasses to make myself feel extra fabuloooous.)

I also wanted to share this outfit because I found it quite cute. The print on this second outfit reads “Girls just wanna have funds”, which rings true for most of us, I think. So, with that, I hope you guys go and check this place out (there are a couple more outfits, socks, shoes and more to come in the future) and enjoy!

xoxo – Tatiana

Photo #1:

  • Shirt & Leggings – [ bailygirl ] anna’s jumper & leggings – Bailygirl
  • Necklace – .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – T – .Olive.
  • Shoes – {C*K} Princess of Hearts Toddleedoo Costume Shoes – Candii Kitten
  • Diaper – Sweet baby – Tiny Tot Diaper 2.4 – Sweet baby

Photo #2:

  • Outfit – [ bailygirl ] fund$ outfit (includes shoes) – Bailygirl
  • Sunglasses – * S O R G O – ISSA Shades / BLACK – Sorgo

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