Day 6

Hello my frans. 😀 So today, I’m doing a little exploring of a place called Imaginaria. The whole sim is winter themed and very beautiful, so I recommend checking it out! They’re also having a photo contest until the 31st with some pretty neat prizes, so if you’re into photography, I suggest checking that out as well. I’m just poking around the sim and taking pictures myself, but I wanted to post my outfit for the day. I call it Hot mess.


Two things you guys will learn about me (if you already don’t know) is

1. I hate wearing pants
2. I don’t particularly care about whether or not my clothes match

I love throwing things together, which is one of the main reasons I love gachas so much. I’m usually happy with the first thing I get out of a machine. Anyhoo, I’m going to get back to exploring. Toodles!

         xoxo – Tatiana



  • [SC] Say Cheese! ~Toddleedoo Pose Pack 2 – Say Cheese!

Photo taken @ the Imaginaria sim.


Day 5

Hiya frans! So today I came across a place called Gilmore. The sim itself isn’t very big, but its quite lovely and a place to take some great shots (if you’re into taking landscape photos like I am). Here are couple photos I took:


I hope you like my photos. 🙂 And sorry I haven’t posted in a bit.. after the holidays, I will be blogging at regular intervals again. See you soon!

xoxo – Tatiana






  • My AO.


Photos taken @ Gilmore