Day 2


Salutations friends! Today was bingo day in the community I live in so, after organizing my extensive stuffed animal collection, I went down to the town hall to play a few rounds and I ended up winning $100L! Cha-ching!
Image(This is the face of a baller.)

After bingo, I decided I felt like heading off somewhere on my own–somewhere relaxing where I could be by myself for a little bit and reflect on my long and stressful life as a child. So I did what any other normal almost 2 year old does and I hopped on a bus and skipped town!
ImageI ended up in this little podunk town called Roche. Lots of grass and water and a couple buildings sprinkled here and there, but, as far as I can tell, no one lives there! So I took the time to explore and I ended up making a new friend..ImageHis name is Mervin and he’s been living in Roche for about 2 years now, watching people like me come and go. He told me all this himself.. I’m being for reals

ImageAfter chatting with Mervin, I decided to take a boat out to the water and relax for the rest of my day trip. I only lasted about 5 minutes before deciding to come back to shore–the water was actually kinda gross and murky looking and I can’t swim so if my boat were to have flipped over….whoops. But anyways, I made it back to shore safely, hopped back on the bus home and returned before my parents got home from work. So that was my day. Til next time, friends!

                                         xoxo – Tatiana



  • [SC] Say Cheese! ~Toddleedoo Pose Pack 2 – Say Cheese!
  • My AO.

Photos taken @ the Roche Sim.


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